Writers’ Guidelines

So, you want to contribute a post to Blue Planet Green Living? That’s a good thing, and we’re glad to take a look at it. We might even publish it, if it meets our guidelines. (We’re kind of picky, you might say, as we want the quality on our site to remain professional.)

Write for Us

Here’s what we expect of any post provided for publication.

It must be —

  • Interesting to both savvy environmentalists and those who are just beginning their eco-friendly journey
  • Content-rich; no fluff!
  • Unique to our site; we don’t want to re-publish something you’ve shared elsewhere
  • Your original work or the original work of someone who given you express permission to represent them; in other words, don’t plagiarize
  • Well written and tightly edited (yes, really)

It must not be —

  • A blatant advertisement for your product or someone else’s
  • Pornographic, indecent, culturally insensitive, or otherwise offensive as judged solely by the owners of this website


We reserve the right to make small, cosmetic edits (punctuation, spelling, occasional misplaced words) without clearing them with you ahead of time. We will not make any major revisions without showing you first; if you disagree, we reserve the right to reject your piece. (Chances are, if major revisions are needed, we’ll already have rejected it.)


We’re happy to include one or two links to your website in the article, if it’s logical to do so. If not, one link at the end of the article is appropriate. Links must be accurately typed and consistently maintained so that they are not hacked. If we find a link has been hacked, we will remove the link. If you learn that your site has been compromised, please let us know immediately so that we can disable the link until the problem has been remedied.

We will insert a few internal links to our own web pages as appropriate and tasteful. We do not use those annoying ad links inside a post.

Once your post is up on Blue Planet Green Living, please link to it on your own website and to share it far and wide.


For writers, one of the major benefits of posting on Blue Planet Green Living is that you receive clips from a respected, professional website. Selected writers will be invited to join our BPGL Crew of Contributing Writers. This allows you to post a bio and photo, along with a list of your posts on BPGL. If you are not a Contributing Writer, your posts will appear with the byline “Guest Post,” and your name will appear at the bottom of the post, along with a link to your website (if applicable).

Another important benefit is exposure of your idea, service, or product on an international forum. At the time of this writing, we are ranked a 4 of 10 on the Google toolbar, and have just shy of 3,000 likes Facebook.

All posts appear in several social networking sites automatically, including Facebook fan page (Blue Planet Green Living), Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Blue Planet Green Living participates in Networked Blogs. By posting your story on our site, you will be spreading it to thousands of readers, increasing your visibility and strengthening your brand.

Finally, and most important for less-experienced writers, if your post isn’t quite up to our standards, our veteran editorial staff may choose to work with you to craft a polished piece that will make you proud. You can always say no.

Legal Stuff (Pretty much in plain English)

It’s a good idea to read this if you want to publish content on Blue Planet Green Living, because this is the stuff you’re bound by when you submit content to us. If you’re a visitor to the site, then you might also want to read this, so you know what we can do, can’t do, and don’t intend to do.

Most everything comes down to basic playground rules, and they’re pretty much all related: Be honest. Don’t cheat. Play fair. Be kind.

  • You agree to let us use your content in any way we choose. When you submit a post or comment for publication on this website (www.blueplanetgreenliving.com) or provide us with any other of your own material or material that you can legally grant us the right to display, you thereby grant Blue Planet Green Energy, d.b.a. Blue Planet Green Living, non-exclusive, royalty-free, unrestricted, perpetual, worldwide license to:
  1. Use, adapt, copy, transmit, or republish the blog post, comment, or other material with appropriate attribution to the author
  2. Sublicense to third parties the unrestricted right to use, adapt, copy, transmit, or republish your blog post, comment, or other material
  • If you can’t live with this policy, then you need to tell us, in writing, and we need to agree, in writing, before your work is published on our site. If we can’t come to agreement, we won’t publish your work. (Be honest.)
  • If you provide us with an image for publication, you agree that you have the right to grant us permission to use the image or that you own the image or that the image is fair use under the Creative Commons or another such agreement. If you do not own the image, you have the responsibility to identify to the publisher the name of the rights holder and the correct copyright attribution. If you falsely claim ownership when you do not have those rights, or if you fail to provide the correct copyright attribution, you bear all legal responsibility for any infringement, including damages for harm or perceived harm. (Don’t cheat.)
  • Don’t say anything to hurt anyone. If anyone is harmed by anything you submit to us for publication and which we publish in good faith, you bear all responsibility. (Be kind.)
  • Do not infringe on others’ rights, such as copyright, service mark, or trade secret protection. If you do infringe on someone else’s rights, you will bear all responsibility for doing so and for any harm or perceived harm from that infringement. (Play fair.)
  • Do not make any false claims. If you make any false claims or accusations against any person, company, or product, you will bear all responsibility. (Be honest.)
  • We are a website. We sometimes have crashes or glitches that we can’t anticipate. If any harm comes to you, real or imagined, as a result of our interrupted or delayed service, you agree to hold us harmless. (Be kind.)
  • Be patient. We have a long list of books and products to review, and many writers who are volunteering their services (oh, happiness!), so sometimes it takes a while for our dedicated but overworked publisher to review and/or post your work. Be patient, please. We are doing the best we can. If you decide to take your work elsewhere, and you have every right to do so, please write and tell us. (Be kind.)

These policies are in effect as of January 19, 2013. They may be modified at any time without prior notice.