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Seed the Future site in Zambia. Photo courtesy: Seed the Future

Seed the Future site in Zambia. Photo courtesy: Seed the Future

How often do you use Google to search on line? If you’re a regular Web user, you might go there several times a day — maybe even a dozen or more. It’s convenient. It’s easy. But it’s an opportunity missed. is a rewards-based search destination that provides users with the very same results you can get from Google and Ask. Give it a try. Go ahead, right now, if you like. Click on this link to and enter a search word or term, such as “Blue Planet Green Living.” (But don’t sign up till you read this full article; there’s a special offer below.) Then come back here to find out why you’ll want to use as your everyday search engine.

Did you try it? If so, I’ll bet you found is easy to use and has a friendly interface. That’s fine. But the same can be said of old, familiar Google. Why, then, should you use You might want to do it because you can score some nifty swag (hence the name) — like movie posters, t-shirts, and key chains — with the virtual dollars (“Swag Bucks”) you earn on the site. But that’s hardly worth mentioning on an environmental website. After all, we’re about reducing our carbon footprints, not increasing them.

The reason you, an environmentalist (you are, aren’t you?), may want to use has to do with trees.

Yeah, trees. Instead of buying all that enticing stuff, such as (most of which you really don’t need, after all), you can use your Swag Bucks to plant trees in deforested areas around the globe. For only 15 Swag Bucks (users get 3 just for signing up — but you can get 5 for linking from this article), you can “purchase” a tree that will be planted in your name through’s nonprofit partnership with the Seed the Future program.

Seed the Future’s tree-planting projects assist nations that have been deforested by logging. Deforestation takes a huge toll on local ecosystems and further endangers our planet by reducing a critical means by which to control greenhouse gases that are causing climate change.

Trees absorb about 2,400 pounds of CO2 in their lifetimes. We produce CO2 just by living, breathing, and pretty much everything we do, even surfing the Web. Yet, each year, people cut down 6 billion (that’s billion with a “b”) trees around the world. I’m no mathematician, but my trusty calculator tells me that’s about 14,400 billion pounds of present and future CO2 that’s not being absorbed from the missing trees. Compound that with another 6 billion trees cut down, year after year after year. Now that’s scary.

Seed the Future site in Ethiopia. Photo courtesy: Seed the Future

Seed the Future site in Ethiopia. Photo courtesy: Seed the Future

So it just makes sense to try to counteract some of the carbon we produce by planting trees. If each of the nearly seven billion people on this planet would plant a tree each year, we could replace all the trees we’re losing. But that won’t happen; some of us still think global warming is a fairytale written by Al Gore, and others are just struggling to survive each day. So those of us who can do more, must do more. With and Seed the Future, all we have to do to plant some trees is to change our search engine. And it doesn’t cost a thing.

“All Seed The Future projects support a 501.c.3 nonprofit organization that supports agro-forestry resource centers around the globe. The resource centers are helping rural people in developing countries improve their livelihoods through the introduction of environmentally sustainable land management projects focused on beneficial tree planting,” according to Seed the Future.

Swagbucks’ Chief Operating Officer, Scott Dudelson, says, “Seed the Future is an exciting opportunity for users to make a real difference in reforestation projects around the world. We wanted to offer a green incentive in addition to our current rewards to encourage people to make an impact.  Hopefully, as more people learn about the program, Seed the Future will see more tree donations through our partnership.”

Seed the Future tree nursery in Honduras. Photo courtesy: Seed the Future

Seed the Future tree nursery in Honduras. Photo courtesy: Seed the Future

That’s all good. And it’s an easy change to make: Just register on (in a minute; you’re almost there), then bookmark the site, and use it whenever you want to search on the Web. Save your free Swag Bucks e-currency, then use it to purchase trees for planting through Seed the Future. You won’t get the actual tree; Seed the Future will take care of that for you, and plant it in your name. But you can choose which of the dozen or so countries you’d like your tree to be planted in.

It’s easy. It’s noble (you’re saving the planet, not wasting resources). It’s a practical solution to a pressing problem. And it helps us re-create a sustainable world. At least that’s the goal. We have a long way to go. It’s going to take a lot of trees to make much progress, but we must start now.

Oh. It’s also fun. Swagbucks has made a game of using their search engine by hiding Swag Codes in various places on the Web, including Facebook, Twitter, and their own blog site. Check out their tips page to find out more. And when you find a Swag Code, claim it right away. Each code is only available for a limited time and a limited number of users. (I hesitated in claiming one on my first search, and it disappeared.) Sign-Up Incentive

Drum roll, please… Dudelson is offering an incentive exclusively for Blue Planet Green Living readers. You’ll get five free Swagbucks credits (two more than you would get by signing up on your own) for all new signups. Simply enter the code SEEDTHEFUTURE as your Swag Code when you register through this link. But hurry! There’s no telling how long it will last.

Please let us know when you “plant” your first Swag Bucks tree. I’m looking forward to “planting” mine.

Julia Wasson
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