Avatar EPC Course – Finding Fulfillment, Dis-Creating Unhealthy Beliefs

There are many ways to look at the concept of “green living,” which is part of our mission here at Blue Planet Green Living. For us, it’s not strictly about being environmentalists. It has to do with having a balanced life that respects the environment, each other, and ourselves.

If you are a seeker, someone who is dedicated to making the most of your time on this planet, then you will likely be interested to learn about Avatar, a program designed for that purpose. Today’s interview is with Mark Dobkin, artist, entrepreneur, and Avatar Master. Dobkin explains a bit about how Avatar has impacted his own life and what it might be able to do for yours (and mine!). — Julia Wasson, Publisher

DOBKIN: I have been doing “work on myself” really seriously for about 23 years, taking a lot of workshops and seminars, group and individual therapies. I did all this work, but it just wasn’t enough to let go of some core issues that I finally had awareness of, addressed, and let go of.

And so, when I reconnected with an acquaintance of mine, Marilyn, who was one of the trainers of the Sage Experience — the first transformation weekend that I did about 18 to 20 years ago — she talked to me about Avatar. I said, “Why should I do Avatar?”

She asked me about my life, and I said, “Well, I feel like there’s further to go.” She also asked me a couple of other questions, which revealed beliefs that were holding me back from a life I truly wanted.

BPGL: Tell me more about that will you?

DOBKIN: I’m finding that I have a lot of beliefs still inside my head that are running my life after over 20 years of doing some very deep, deep serious work on myself.  The more I am able to use the processes of Avatar, the more these beliefs are revealed, and then I can truly let them go.

Having the awareness of the belief is seldom enough to let it go. It has taken the amazing methodology (as I call it) of Avatar to truly dis-create, or unhook myself from that belief, finally, after having to go through decades of unfulfillment, suffering, and other nonsense. (Does this ring a bell in anyone reading this?)

The more work that I did with Marilyn, the more I found I was completely infiltrated with these beliefs. That was pretty much what was driving my ego — not my true self, but my ego. She didn’t have to coax me to do the first two days of Avatar, which is called Resurfacing. I was tired of the suffering or accepting or, more accurately said, “SETTLING” for a life in which I knew I was not reaching my full potential. Not to mention the relationship area — that’s a whole other can of worms for most of us isn’t it?

BPGL: Tell me about Resurfacing.

DOBKIN: Resurfacing is the first 2 days of Avatar. It’s about examining in detail the “blueprint” of your life to the present time, seeing what has truly happened and what has been “running you.”

It’s also packed with exercises to truly expand your consciousness, creating more presence and free attention for yourself and others. And it’s about taking more responsibility for one’s own life. I ended up doing the full course a month later, doing the Master’s course a month and a half after that, and taking the third and final course six weeks after that.

One of the premises of Avatar is to actually see the beliefs that are running your life.  And then decide, Are those beliefs serving you? Do they serve others? And if they do not, you can pretty much dis-create those beliefs, and actually create new beliefs that will redirect your experience and change your reality.

The more I do this work, the more I am actualizing this to be true.  It’s amazing work!

BPGL: Then, there’s no sense of ever being a “victim” of circumstance or of someone else’s actions.

DOBKIN: I am choosing to believe that I create all of it. And I find this a much more empowering way of living than the other ways that I have chosen to live in the past. It’s what Harry Palmer, who founded Avatar, would call “living deliberately.” What I am also finding is that amazing magic is happening in my life. Your readers can ask me about this personally if they want.

The tools are there to truly create the experience of having what you want. And there are ways of dis-creating what’s not real, by eliminating what you are dragging around.

BPGL: What do you mean by “dis-creating” something?

DOBKIN: What I believe from my experience is that emotions do not have to be dragged around for a lifetime. You can deal with them in a very efficient way and, using the tools of Avatar, pretty much let them go permanently. Well, I can’t say “permanently,” because I’ve only been involved for a little less than a year. But there are some things that have plagued my life since I was three years old that I’ve let go of very quickly in Avatar.

This work is the most efficient, effective, fun — I’m not just exaggerating that word — fun and enjoyable work that I’ve done to bring me back into my connection with my highest Self or the Divine. To let go of my ego and nonsense. To keep showing up to do the next thing. And to move me forward with power and confidence and honesty and integrity to truly have what I’m looking for in life. And, most importantly, to give my life to humanity.

It’s fantastic. People from 9 years old into their 90s have been in that room.

BPGL: Nine years old?

This beautiful exercise is from the Avatar EPC Course. Courtesy of Avatar EPC

DOBKIN: Yes, nine years old, with their parents who have already gone through the Avatar and Master’s course.

Can you imagine a world that has brought up their children to be fully responsible for their lives and have the ability to stay connected to their highest “Self” at will?


BPGL: How long does an Avatar class last?

DOBKIN: Avatar is the first course. It lasts eight days. But Avatar can be experienced by the first two days as a separate entity called Resurfacing, and then you can finish the rest. Or you can experience it fully all at one time.

BPGL: How much does the full course cost?

DOBKIN: The full, eight-day course is $2,295.

BPGL: How many people are in a class?

DOBKIN: In Resurfacing, sometimes there are only 5 to 10 people, although there have been Resurfacings with 15 to 25 those first two days. My Avatar course had approximately 45 to 50 participants, and it had at least 40 Master Teachers and Trainers. It was almost one to one, which was amazing!

It’s a step-by-step methodology and every step of the way your whole self is being held with extraordinary love, care, and acceptance. Everyone pretty much feels supported in a way that makes it easier to move forward very quickly.

BPGL: If only one person in a couple takes the course, does the relationship tend to get better, or does it tend to cause more tension?

DOBKIN: There’s a million sets of what could happen, depending on a million different partners. But what I have seen, and also heard, is the person who has done Avatar has an increased capacity to be with the other person who didn’t go, with more love and much more compassion.

It’s really about love and compassion. When couples take it together, their relationships have grown by leaps and bounds. I have learned this from couples that I’ve talked to who have done Avatar together.

If your relationship is a certain way, there’s something you’re doing that’s creating that. Even when one person in a couple starts to take more responsibility, that can launch the relationship into a whole other dynamic. But when both people do, it’s just amazing!

And, of course, the truth is revealed. Truth is truth, which, of course could be different for both parties. The tools of Avatar assist the individual in living a more honest life, if they choose to use the tools.

What the individual or couple chooses from increased integrity, love, and compassion is up to them.

A very big focal point of Avatar and all the courses is not just to live deliberately, but to be fully responsible for what you are creating in your life, which of course bleeds into all your relationships.

And once I started owning up to the nonsense I’d been putting out into the world, as well as the good — which was also hard to take responsibility for — when I could really take responsibility for both ends, WOW. There’s amazing power in that.

BPGL: There are a lot of unhappy people out there.

DOBKIN: And they have a lot of “good reasons” to be unhappy. They have a lot of beliefs and a lot of shame and guilt and powerlessness, and things they’ve created for themselves. A lot of baggage. And most of it they bought into as innocent children, well-meaning beings making up something from an experience that just wasn’t real but could have felt very traumatic.

The innocence people experience again from participating in Avatar… it’s so precious and beautiful.

So that’s why I’m really hot on Avatar, because that baggage can be let go of pretty quickly. In fact, sometimes it can happen in five minutes, if someone is willing to really face up to the facts and to experience that creation.

For example, when I was in the third-level course, there was something that was agitating me. I asked for some help, and finally got to something that happened when I was three-and-a-half years old.

I had cut my eyelid on a tennis court net. My mom got hold of me and rushed me to the doctor. She was probably freaking out in a ton of fear. I don’t know what an eyelid looks like when it’s sliced, and you can see the eyeball through the eyelid. But it took four people and my mom to hold me down — a 38- or 40-pound three-and-a-half-year-old — for the doctor to stitch me.

Now, I had a lot of things that I made up in that moment. One of them was, I am powerless, and other people have power over me. What else was a three-and-a-half-year-old to make out of that experience? It was the most traumatic thing in my life at that point. So I’ve pretty much lived a part of my life being powerless. Off-and-on financial success. Off-and-on relationship success. Because something outside of me had more power than I do.

BPGL: The world is dominated by people who think that they win by defeating you.

DOBKIN: There is something very deep that undercuts people to be victims. That is something that they have created, and it is pulling them to actually want to keep experiencing it. Until it’s truly experienced, which involves feeling, it can’t be completed. What is that quote? You can’t move forward until you complete something in the past, or What you resist persists. That’s been a premise for so many different spiritual paths. I think there’s some truth in that.

I don’t have a picture of what that has to be, but so far, it’s been me going back into that experience and feeling that “powerlessness.” We’ll see if it’s gone forever, but I don’t know. I can tell you that when I had that experience, there was such a deep stillness inside of myself for a couple of minutes, and then I started laughing hysterically and couldn’t stop for quite a while.

I experienced such an amazing healing and opening.  This was a natural response to what had just happened.


I hope this example is going to trigger some people to start thinking there’s something they want to get to the bottom of. I want people to get to the bottom of it, so they can move on, if that’s what it takes.

It’s endless. And some say the starting point is when you’re completely done with the illusion. That’s when the true path really starts.

BPGL: What would you say to anyone who is interested in trying Avatar?

DOBKIN: Are you ready to rocket your life to the next place? The next Avartar Course is this coming Saturday in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Call me to register and for the details.

Mark Dobkin is an Avatar Master.  He assists people in going through the Avatar Course with love, compassion, and care and has been working with people for over 20 years.

For further information, you can reach Mark by phone at (415) 785-7867 or by email: markdobkin@earthlink.net

Julia Wasson

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