Tips for an Eco-Friendly Road Trip

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Western Road Trip by Isabelle Guarella

Enjoy an eco-friendly travel adventure with tips about keeping a small footprint on the road. Photo: Pmorici via Creative Commons

If you love taking to the open road for a driving adventure, but you worry about your carbon footprint, we have some top tips on how to enjoy a road trip of the eco-friendly variety. From how to travel to where to stay, with this guide you’ll be on the road to your dream green trip in no time.

Eco-friendly cars

If you don’t own an electric or hybrid car, there are many rental companies who provide eco-friendly vehicles. If you’re going on a long trip, a hybrid car is, perhaps, your best option. Powered by both electricity and fuel, a hybrid car, like the Toyota Prius, won’t require constant charging, but will significantly reduce your fuel emissions.

You can also adapt your driving style in order to drive in a more eco-friendly way. Changing gear sooner and braking and accelerating less harshly will all contribute to minimizing your carbon footprint.

Eco-driving is now taught in driving lessons in the UK, and has been a part of the driving test since 2008.

The Ploo

If you’re going really green and opting for a camping trip, the ploo is the eco-friendly way of going to the toilet. This simple yet effective invention has a reusable and easy to assemble seat, lined with a biodegradable bag, which you can dispose of afterwards.

Perfect for festivals or camping in the great outdoors, the ploo is eco-friendly in every way. Not only does it avoid harsh chemicals found in port-a-loos, but the seat is even made from recycled cardboard. Each ploo comes with 10 bags so you’ll never be caught ill-prepared in an emergency!

Where to Eat

It may be tempting, after a long day of traveling, to stop off for dinner at the nearest restaurant. Instead, find a nice picnic spot and opt for a homemade meal made with organic produce. This way you’ll be eating food free from chemicals and won’t be contributing to a restaurant’s carbon footprint.

You could also take refillable flasks with you in order to avoid purchasing drinks in plastic bottles and creating uneccessary waste.

Where to Stay

“Green” hotels are becoming increasingly popular with with eco-savvy travelers. The management of these hotels make a conscious effort to conserve water, energy and reduce waste. These environmentally friendly hotels provide the comfort of your own room as well as peace of mind.

Green hotels are also often surrounded by lush green trees and foliage, adding an extra dimension to your eco-stay.

Taking the Kids with You

If you’re traveling with the kids, get them to look out for wildlife. Make it into a game where they have to spot as many animals as they can. By doing this, you’ll introduce them to the natural world, and can teach them about having respect for the environment.

You can also get the kids involved in recycling on your trip. Ask them to sort everything in to different coloured bins. Turning recycling into a game will hopefully help them to remember to sort their rubbish.

There are plenty of things you can do to make your road trip eco-friendly. Whether you’re planning to go with family or alone, being a green traveler has never been easier. So pack up your supplies and get out there, because you’ve got some exploring to do!

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