4 Ways to Green Your Life with BrightNest

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Sample "Green To-Do's" from BrightNest.com's Homefolio

BrightNest offers practical and helpful “Green To-Do’s” for your home. Courtesy: BrightNest.com

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for new ways to be eco-friendly and healthy without breaking your bank, especially around the home. It’s not always easy being green, but it is worth the extra effort.

I’ve recently become even more attuned to just how much of a positive impact going green around the house can have on your budget and your life. Why? I started working at BrightNest. If you haven’t heard of BrightNest, it’s a free web service that provides people with the tools, tips, and motivation they need to keep their home in great shape and save money.

The best part? There is a mountain of information on green living – everything from greening your bathroom to making pet-friendly floor cleaner.

Any online tool that explains the benefits of going green while helping homeowners maintain their home is (as BPGL would say) “earth wise, money smart,” and BrightNest has hit the nail on the head. Here are four ways BrightNest helps its users embrace and appreciate green living:

1. Green Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re interested in conserving water, conducting a home energy audit or making your own eco-friendly air fresheners, BrightNest provides informative, step-by-step guides to complete essential tasks for a healthier and happier home.

2. Upcycling

The crafty side of me loves anything that repurposes, reuses, or recycles, but upcycling is also about reducing our impact on the earth. BrightNest has endless DIY and upcycling projects that turn trash into treasure and inspire reuse for even the most bizarre home finds.

3. Eco-friendly Cleaning Recipes

Being safe and being green in your home go hand-in-hand when it comes to household cleaning products. Not only does BrightNest explain why eco-friendly cleaners are good for the earth, your wallet, and your health, it also supplies you with specific recipes to make them yourself!

4. Homefolio

One of my favorite parts about BrightNest is the Homefolio. This tool allows you to store virtually all of your home’s information online, no paper necessary. You can enter everything from paint colors, warranty information and professional contacts all in one place.

BrightNest will even track down the owner’s manuals for your appliances and store them online for you! That means you can recycle those owner’s manuals and clean out your junk draws – you won’t need that stack of papers anymore!

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Kara Bennett

Contributing Writer

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