Groovy Globe: Chic and Conscious Clothing

Groovy Globe organic tees make an eco-friendly fashion statement that you'll love to wear. Photo: Courtesy Groovy Globe

Groovy Globe organic tees make an eco-friendly fashion statement that you’ll love to wear. Photo: Courtesy Groovy Globe

As a consumer who tries to purchase organic and ethical products, I’ve discovered how difficult it is to find clothing that matches my values.

When I look through my pantry, I see fair-trade coffee, hormone-free poultry, organic fruits and vegetables, and Rainforest Alliance Certified tea bags. All of these products were purchased from within minutes of home at my local supermarket. In the last few years, I’ve noticed how much easier it’s become to purchase environmentally conscious foods without having to go to a specialized store.

But when I look through my closet, I see an expanse of polyester, rayon, nylon, viscose, and, of course, cotton — which, according to, is the most toxic crop on the planet as it accounts for a quarter of the world’s insecticides and more than 10 percent of worldwide pesticide sales.

An Easy Choice

Candac Vadnais, founder of Groovy Globe, wears one of her signature tees. Photo: Courtesy Groovy Globe

Candac Vadnais, founder of Groovy Globe, wears one of her signature tees. Photo: Courtesy Groovy Globe

Recently, I was introduced to Groovy Globe, which sells 100-percent organic apparel. T-shirts are made from 100 percent organic cotton and totes are made from 100 percent recycled cotton, as well as silicone wristbands. Never has it been so easy to make an eco-friendly fashion statement for less than $30–$40.

And your money goes even further when you buy from Groovy Globe. Ten percent of profits are donated to Global Green USA and Trees for the Future.

Founder Candace Vadnais, a former public relations executive, launched Groovy Globe in the beginning of 2012. As a lifelong “compulsive recycler,” she was inspired by brands like (RED).

The organizations that receive a portion of Groovy Globe’s profits are also dedicated to making a difference, supporting the construction of green buildings, and planting trees.

Vadnais knew she wanted a globe on her apparel. She has a friend who is a designer and, with some help, the globe logo was born. After bouncing around ideas with her family, she came up with the name Groovy Globe to match her design concept.

“When you have a shirt that has a message, people see it,” says Vadnais. “They ask about the message.”

Stylish and Casual

I recently wore the white Groovy Globe t-shirt given to me for review. As someone who enjoys style and has green values, I was pleased to find it a cute and flattering shirt that was made of organic cotton and supports sustainable causes.

The pre-shrunk organic cotton is soft, and the globe logo is simple but stylish. It can be worn with gym shorts to go jogging or with jeans to run errands or grab a casual lunch. Vadnais’ hope that people will ask about the shirt is sure to be accomplished.

Expanding the Mission

“We are gaining momentum,” says Vadnais. She’s spreading the word about Groovy Globe on Facebook, Twitter, and green blogs.

On plans to add additional products, Vadnais excitedly says, “Oh gosh, I would love to!”

She hopes to expand as soon as possible and would love to add tank tops to the collection. As a new Groovy Globe fan, I will be checking the website frequently to see when they’re available for purchase.

Brigette Fanning

Contributing Writer

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