Energy Healing, A Form of Holistic Medicine

Dr. Longworth provides an Energy Healing to a client. Photo: Julia Wasson

Natural healing modalities allow us to tread lightly on the earth while improving our health. They don’t require synthetic chemicals or an investment in expensive technology. And, they have been used in various traditions since homo sapiens first trod the earth.

Today, Blue Planet Green Living (BPGL) interviews Maureen Longworth, M.D., who is board certified in both Holistic Medicine and Family Medicine, and is an internationally respected Energy Healer. Dr. Longworth practices medicine in Juneau, Alaska, and is visiting Iowa City through July 17. She will be teaching a Root of Healing Mini Workshop in Iowa City this Sunday and is available for private healing sessions throughout the coming week. More information is provided below. — Julia Wasson, Publisher

BPGL: What is Energy Healing?

LONGWORTH: Energy Healing is a global term to describe healing that occurs by creating a shift in the energy field. In a way, even prescription drugs and surgery are Energy Healings because a shift occurs. But when we speak of Energy Healing in holistic medicine, we mean the natural shift that can occur without drugs, herbs, or surgical intervention.

You might begin by comparing Energy Healing to any energy modality you know, like chiropractic, massage, Reiki, acupuncture or acupressure, etc. All of these are energy-healing modalities. Even prior to my certification in Holistic Medicine I studied many of these modalities. This tradition I have settled with is the most effective for my patients — and for me personally — for ongoing health and well-being.

The method of Energy Healing I’ve studied is a unique discipline that originated with Robert Moore in Ireland, when he blended his electrical engineering knowledge with ancient Eastern traditions he studied with renowned Eastern spiritual leaders. The result is a precise, scientific collection of a dual-component Energy Healing System that is simple for anyone to learn and easy to practice. It is much more common in Europe and in Israel than in the United States, because I am one of the only doctors here in the U.S. trained in it.

One aspect includes hands-on healing from a trained healer, working on points of the energy field that have been recognized for all time. These points were even identified in ancient caves, written in Sanskrit. The other component is a practice of focused awareness on prescribed energy points to self-balance one’s own energy field.

Dr. Longworth will be doing healing sessions in Iowa City this coming week. Photo: Julia Wasson

BPGL: When you talk about an energy field, what does that “look” like in practical terms in the human body?

LONGWORTH: The premise is that we each have an energy field surrounding our body and multi-dimensionally flowing through every cell of the body. The spine is central in our physical vertical plane, and the heart chakra in the horizontal plane. Think of it as a network of lines surrounding and through us that coalesce into larger and larger rivers of energy or meridians. The points we use for healing are where these powerful meridians intersect.

Energy is running through our respective energy fields. We feel it, and sometimes see, hear, or taste it. We all have had the experience of entering a room with people present that we don’t know. We can tell by the atmosphere if they just had an argument or a loving embrace. We all sense energy shifts all the time, though we often fail to consciously recognize it, as it is part of our automatic survival mechanism.

Even when we sit down on a plane next to a stranger, we can sense from our neighbor enough clues that we either speak to them or stay silent for the duration of the flight. It changes with our energy flow and theirs.

BPGL: How can a person learn to identify their own energy field?

LONGWORTH: In my classes, I teach ways to connect with these powerful energy points on and around your body through focused awareness. So when we focus on them with the mind, or activate them by hand, there is a domino effect on the energy flow, and the entire stream around and through us is altered toward a more balanced state.

Imagine a mountain stream where you remove a small boulder from the water momentarily and then return the boulder to the stream. Even if you could replace the boulder in its exact original position — which you can’t, because the movement has changed the stream — everything upstream and downstream from the boulder will be forever changed. That change will also be transmitted throughout the entire system, so all the tributaries will shift.

With Energy Healing, that subtle shift, even if temporary, affects the whole person on deep mind-body-spirit multi-dimensional levels, bringing the individual toward deeper balance. The body-mind-spirit gets a new experience of balance that it will remember and be able to access in the future. In fact, the movement toward balance is not new, but a returning to the perfection of balance in our creation.

Both the hands-on Energy Healings and the focused-awareness self-balancing exercises have a restorative healing effect on the energy flow that is already naturally running in the energy field. The densities and movements of energy are measurable and have been documented by scientists all over the world. (See the book The Field by Lynne McTaggart for a very readable summary.)

BPGL: What does a person feel after a typical session of Energy Healing?

LONGWORTH: The neurohormones shift. There can be an increase in some of the same natural chemicals people take drugs to induce or augment. Many people feel the shift, and it can be quite pleasant, but even people who don’t feel anything often have a shift in the everyday symptoms they are dealing with.

For example, after a head injury, someone may begin sleeping better or managing their anger with more control. Or someone with thyroid disease may need less medication for balancing the thyroid. A new diabetic may have more resilience in following a new eating plan that is healthier. Many people with chronic pain are able to get off of their pain medication and quit looking for external “fixes” after using the self-balancing, focused-awareness exercises I teach.

Energy is stabilized for people with too much energy or for people with not enough energy. Mood is shifted, and people with anxiety learn focused awareness exercises to control their anxiety and improve thinking and function, while people with depression can gain access to joy. Even people without symptoms comment on increased ability to mentally focus, remember details and formulate thoughts, simply as a result of the greater brain balance and health that is restored. All these things have occurred for my patients and my students.

BPGL: What happens during a healing session?

LONGWORTH: In an individual session, we spend some time talking about whatever you are focusing on in your healing. Then I do hands-on healing, activating points in your energy field. You don’t need to remove clothing, as the energy field is accessed through the clothing. In fact, the body does not need to be touched, if preferred, as the energy field extends to about 2 centimeters around the body, and the entire healing can be done on that etheric layer when someone is sensitive to touch on the body

To complete the individual session, I give a homework exercise for you to do on your own that is specific to what you are working on for your health. I select your homework based on what has come forward into my awareness during your session, when I am connecting with you. You’ll focus on these specific energy points that I give you to continue balancing your energy field on your own and to address the focus of your individual healing journey.

BPGL: What if someone has questions after their healing or wants to continue working with you?

LONGWORTH: Since I can connect energetically with people at any distance in any location, people are able to work with me long-distance from Juneau by phone and internet. In a long-distance healing, I still have the same components of talking time to discuss the person’s concerns and focus for the healing: a “hands-on” healing, where I connect with the points long distance, and a homework assignment designed for the person and the focus of their healing. I then follow up in person when people travel to the places I am visiting.

BPGL: You offer both classes and individual sessions. What are the advantages to doing one versus the other?

LONGWORTH: Some people prefer the class atmosphere, some prefer an individual session, and some like to do both. Anyone is welcome to try whichever they are drawn to. No experience is necessary.

BPGL: What are some reasons people seek out Energy Healing?

LONGWORTH: There is no problem that cannot be addressed with Energy Healing. It does not interfere with anything you are doing with your medical doctor or medicines you are taking. It only leads toward balance, and there is no such thing as “overdoing it.” So it is safe for anyone to learn and practice, or to receive Energy Healing.

Brain function is required to be able to participate, but children as young as four years old are successful doing the exercises. One of my four-year-old patients cured her bed-wetting by the third visit. Another child, who was experiencing a difficult divorce transition in her family and had been acting out in school, learned to use energy exercises on the playground to control her temper. And she is the one who figured out how to do it on the spot after learning some techniques in my office.

Maureen Longworth, M.D., board certified in Holistic Medicine and Family Medicine. Photo: Courtesy Dr. Longworth

BPGL: How can people learn more about Energy Healing?

LONGWORTH: I invite people who are interested to ask me if they have any question about what we can work on with their Energy Healing. I’m also happy to answer questions about my work. And, if someone has personal questions about their own healing, they can schedule an individual session or attend one of my classes.

BPGL: What kinds of topics will be covered in the workshop you will be doing in Iowa City on Sunday (and presumably in other places at other times)?

LONGWORTH: Attendees will learn self-balancing techniques for every part of their body, head to toe, and for every physical organ in the body. They will learn ways to balance moods and their thinking process to integrate their entire energy field and bring overall healing for all their chakras, or energy organs, wherever the energy transformation is needed.

By the end of the class, they will have practiced and learned several focused-awareness, energy-balancing exercises and a specific chakra meditation that they can use for their own healing process for their lifetime.

The full Root of Healing course is a comprehensive course covering the chakras and how the chakra system overlaps our understanding of anatomy and physiology. We’ll also discuss, specifically, how to use the chakras for one’s own medical diseases and health. The Root of Healing Mini Workshop I’m offering on Sunday is a half-day version, designed especially for individuals or groups who want to learn some of the techniques in a shorter format.

Note: Dr. Longworth’s class will be held on Sunday, July 11, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time in Iowa City. Call to learn more, to register for the class, and to get directions to the session. Dr. Longworth is available for a limited number of healing sessions in Iowa City through July 16.

To arrange for a workshop or class in your city or to schedule a healing session in Juneau or a place she is currently visiting, please contact Dr. Longworth at 907.209.2005. Or, visit her website,