China (you’ve been on my mind)

This Chinese riverbed in the Himalayas should be teeming with life—and water. "The desert creeps farther..." Photo: © Dmitry


A country full of people

I will never meet.

Some are farmers, others politicians

for the communist government.


Your rivers and lakes

run like sewers

from the west into the ocean,

and can’t be drunk from, nor swum in.


The desert creeps farther

over the workable soil.

Each year there’s less lumber,

but more children to figure.


It’s just a trend we all

have been following.

Population boom without a bust

in a universe we’re told is infinite.


Maybe not for us, though,

maybe not for us.

We’re just another species,

a homo-sapien virus.


We made up laws

that we think matter,

but true laws can’t be disobeyed.

We’ll soon be overpopulated.


When there are no more forests,

no more rivers, no fish or deer,

we’ll have to kill ourselves.

In fact, we’ve already started.

Elias Simpson, Contributing Writer

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Elias Simpson earned a bachelor’s degree in English and French from the University of Iowa. He spent a year in France in 2007, and traveled to Prague, Venice, Barcelona, and London, as well as cities in France, including Nice and Grenoble.

Elias has worked for Practical Farmers of Iowa, an organization that supports sustainable agriculture. He has also worked for two small organic farms: Turtle Farm and Small Potato Farm. He has volunteered for the university’s environmental coalition and is a registered member of the Iowa City Bike Library.

He is attending graduate school at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, where he studies poetry writing and works as a teaching assistant.

Elias Simpson in Amsterdam.

Elias Simpson in Amsterdam.

Elias Simpson

Contributing Writer

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China (you’ve been on my mind)

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