Who Killed the Electric Car? (DVD)

December 26, 2008 by  
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“What is the danger of the electric car? The danger is that it can stop you from buying oil.” — Who Killed the Electric Car?

You won’t find a General Motors EV-1 on the streets of your city, my city, or any city. It’s dead, and GM  killed it. But why?

Chris Paine’s film is as much a mystery as it is a documentary. It raises questions about why the EV-1 isn’t around anymore. The vehicle was fast and quiet, produced no emissions, and was fun to drive. But it didn’t use gas. Is that why GM refused to renew any leases and crushed or completely disabled every single EV-1?

Now would be a perfect time to watch this video, when GM is asking for a bailout to help the car maker stay alive. They were a leader in zero-emission vehicles in the early 1990s, until they killed the electric car. Perhaps every lawmaker should see this video before our government gives GM a check.

Julia Wasson

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