Baby Gourmet Organic Baby Food – Recommended by Carter

Nine-month-old Carter, reaching for more Baby Organic Baby Food. Photo: Megan Hach

Nine-month-old Carter, reaching for more Baby Organic Baby Food. Photo: Megan Hach

One of the benefits of blogging is that we’re often asked to test products. Since Joe and I don’t fit the right demographic for baby food, I turned to the only member of our family who qualifies: our grandson, Carter. I was delighted when Carter’s mom, Megan, agreed to test Baby Gourmet Organic Baby Food on her firstborn child. Megan and her husband, Kyle, won’t give Carter food they haven’t tried themselves, so we were fortunate to get the opinions of their entire family. Here’s what Megan had to say about their experience with Baby Gourmet. ~ Julia Wasson, Publisher

Baby Gourmet Organic Baby Food apple crisp scores a smile from Carte and his momr. Photo: Joe Hennager

Baby Gourmet Organic Baby Food apple crisp scores a smile from Carter and his mom. Photo: Joe Hennager

We really enjoyed the Baby Gourmet Organic Baby Food. Kyle and I tried a little of each kind of the food, and we were happily surprised with the great taste. Each variety had lots of flavor and a nice consistency, with a little more chunkiness than other brands we’ve tried.

Baby Gourmet also has so much more taste than the generic, non-organic foods we usually feed Carter. I also really liked that we could see and taste actual chunks of food. The chunks were very small, so they were baby-safe.

Carter LOVED the baby apple crisp food the best (although he ate all the other flavors just as well). He would smile with each bite of the apple crisp. We could smell and taste the apples and cinnamon in that flavor—it was like real apple crisp!
Baby-Gourmet comes in several flavors, with textures just right for babies and toddlers at different stages. Photo: J Wasson

Baby-Gourmet comes in several flavors, with textures just right for babies and toddlers at different stages. Photo: J Wasson


The bright packaging was appealing, and the style of the packaging is very user friendly. I could twist the cap back on and know that none of the food was going to spill out if I packed it to go. The other brands with plastic snap-on lids always leak in my diaper bag.

I am assuming this brand of baby food is compatible with the spoon piece that you can screw on for an “on-the-go” feeding spoon, but we don’t have one of those, so we were never able to try that out.

The thing I liked the most about this product was that it was organic. Although I am not sure exactly how much this brand costs [Editor’s note: Our samples were provided free by the company], we don’t normally buy organic because of the price.

We don’t have a picky eater, and Carter has yet to turn down any food. So, we don’t feel like we have to buy the more expensive baby food just so he will like the taste. But I do wish we could afford to buy everything organic (for both him and ourselves!).

We really enjoyed getting to try out Baby Gourmet ORGANIC Baby Food!

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Megan Hach
Guest Writer
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Take the Itch Away with Motherlove Green Salve

Marie, Owen, and Calvin — happy kids on vacation, with no itches! Photo: Julie H.

Last week, I was sitting at my computer alternately scratching my first mosquito bite of the season and trying to page through my emails. No stranger to itching, I had remnants of poison ivy dotting my left knee. My second case of poison ivy so far this summer, darn it all.

Even though symptoms of my annual battle with the toxic vine are lessening each year thanks to a concoction my pharmacist sells, the itching is enough to drive me somewhat mad.

So, when the following email came up on my screen, it immediately caught my attention:

I’m writing on behalf of summer and all things itchy and scratchy. Figuring Iowa is full of mosquitoes after all the 4th of July rain, I’m reaching out to see if you’d be interested in reviewing the Green Salve from Motherlove Herbal Company. It’s saving our skin over in Wisconsin. Thanks!

Julie — the new Blog Review Mother for Motherlove Herbal Company

No way I’d turn down that offer. I immediately wrote back.

Julia to Julie

Oh, itchy and scratchy are very familiar terms. I’d love to review the Green Salve from Motherlove! I’m sitting at my computer scratching my poison ivy (3 weeks now and still itchy). I just had a mosquito bite last weekend, too. Soooooo… Please send it over! …

Julie to Julia

Wow! How did you manage to only get one mosquito bite (don’t come to Madison)? We picked raspberries in the woods and got poison ivy – now I just keep the green salve in my purse. I hope it helps with all your summer “ailments” too….

Julia to Julie

Motherlove Green Salve is the itch remover. Photo: Courtesy Motherlove

I am excited to try the green salve. My poison ivy is nearly gone, but it flares up and itches still.

Have you tried Rhustox? It’s a homeopathic medicine that my M.D. recommended to reduce my susceptibility to poison ivy. I seem to get less severe cases, though I’m still getting it. Supposed to take a few years to be “immune,” if that really ever happens. Worth trying, for sure, though it’s not covered by my insurance.

Would you be interested in taking a photo of one of your kids applying the salve to their bites/poison ivy (or one of their parents applying it)? They’d get to see themselves on our blog. (My kids are all grown up and far away. :[  ) …

Julie to Julia

Well, just in time, we all contracted swimmer’s itch at the lake yesterday. I’m attaching a photo of my daughter Marie holding the salve. We’re down almost to the bottom of the jar. We’re using this in combination with a special soap and anti-histamines. So far, she just looks miserable (but is feeling fine enough to pick a fight with her brother as I type this)….

Julia to Julie

Covered with swimmer's itch, Marie holds up the last of her family's bottle of Green Salve. Photo: Julie H.

You’re in Michigan and you’re on vacation? What are you doing answering my emails? Stop working and go have some fun!

Still, I’d LOVE to get some of those photos! (Terribly selfish, aren’t I?) …

She’s a cutiepie. But she does look itchy and miserable, poor thing…

I’ve never heard of swimmer’s itch before, is it a reaction to an algae or a microbe of some sort? …

I just got a bite this morning. I’m definitely going to have opportunities to try the Green Salve!

Julie to Julia

We were out and about today. Attached are a couple of spontaneous pictures from the side of the road (someone mowed smiley faces in their wildflower field – random, but awesome). They are Marie, Owen (younger), and Calvin (older). Here’s a copy and paste from my facebook post on Marie’s photo yesterday…

Well, let me tell you. I know a lot about swimmer’s itch after today. In New Jersey, it is called Duck Fleas (good to know). Technically, a parasite (I’m assuming ala guano) from a bird finds its way to a snail and then (when the water temperature in fresh water lakes reaches a certain magical level) into the pores of human skin. 1/80th of an inch the life cycle of the parasite involves boring into your skin, creating a tingling sensation. The rash reaches a head, looking a lot like chicken pox. Finding the human body unfavorable for reproduction, the parasite dies. So common, the CDC can’t be bothered with tracking or reporting cases of swimmer’s itch, it goes from family to family. No one knows where swimmer’s itch came from, but it can be traced back to Douglas Lake in Michigan. Now you know.

Critter Bite!

This bug bite itched like crazy, until I applied Motherlove Green Salve. Photo: Joe Hennager

My sample of Motherlove Green Salve arrived the very next day. And it came none too soon. I was itching. I was scratching. I was ravaging my skin. Compared to this monster of a bite, my mosquito bite was no more than a tickle.

So I eagerly opened the package from Motherlove. Though I was in a bit of a hurry to try the highly anticipated Green Salve, I decided to be a wise consumer and read the label first:

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil*, beeswax*, comfrey*, plantain*, marshmallow root*, calendula*

* Certified Organic Ingredients

Takes the itch out of mosquito bites, soothes rashes, chapped and irritated skin. Helps to minimize scarring. Do not apply to broken skin.

External use only. Certified Cruelty Free.

Please recycle.

Excellent. And the ingredients are certified USDA Organic by Oregon Tilth, a respected name in the organic world.

So, I opened the jar and dared to sniff the salve. It had no discernible scent, which for me was good news; I’m a person who is very sensitive to perfumes, even some natural scents. If it had been heavily scented, I might not have tried it at all.

Itch-free kids are happy kids! Photo: Julie H.

Next, I touched a fingertip to the salve in the container. The compound is exceptionally light to the touch and not at all greasy. My finger picked up only the smallest trace of salve, but it was plenty to spread on my irritated skin. Though the container only holds 1 ounce, I have to believe this salve will last a very long time.

All that’s good, of course, but what about the itching?

I applied the Motherlove Green Salve in the early afternoon, and the itch stopped immediately. When I took a shower the next morning, the itching started up once more. Another quick swipe of Green Salve, and my itch went away again.

The bite is healing, and the itch is gone. So is the itch from my lingering poison ivy. Both itches eventually would have gone away by themselves, but they were active before I used the Green Salve and gone the minute I applied it.

I’m convinced it works. And I’m not going to be far from my jar of Motherlove Green Salve the rest of this summer. Like my new email friend, Julie, I’ll be keeping it in my purse for those inevitable itch emergencies.

You can purchase Motherlove products (they have an awesome assortment for pregnant moms, new moms, babies, and nursing moms) from the Motherlove website. And they’ve been developing their herbal care products for 20 years — so long that some of the babies who first benefited are moms now, too.

And there’s more good news. Motherlove donates “over 10 percent of their after-tax profits to the Nurturing Life Foundation,” which the company started five years ago. According to their website, the foundation’s two-fold mission is:

  • “To promote breastfeeding and support mothers-in-need.
  • “To create opportunities for children nationwide.”

Nurturing Life Foundation donates to organizations around the world that support their mission. You can see a list of some of the Nurturing Life Foundation recipients on their website.

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Julia Wasson

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A Halo for Haley – Active-Airflow Mattress Helps Prevent SIDS

Update 8/23/09: This product is currently unavailable, as the manufacturer has discontinued production. If this turns out to be a temporary situation, I will update this post as soon as I learn about it. If you are as disappointed as others who have written to us, consider voicing your concern directly to HALO Innovations — but only if you truly would purchase one of their crib mattresses if it were available. — Publisher

When a baby dies from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), the parents are beyond devastated. The loss of a child — at any age — is a pain that never goes away, no matter how much time passes. With 2,500 SIDS deaths in the U.S. alone each year, chances are that you or someone you know has experienced this tragic loss.

After Bill and Cathy Schmid’s tiny daughter, Haley, died of SIDS in 1991, they wanted answers. What they learned was that Haley likely suffocated in her own exhalations when her tiny arms cradled her face as she slept. While oxygen deprivation doesn’t explain all SIDS deaths, Bill, an engineer, was determined to find a way to prevent that particular cause from ever taking another baby’s life.

The Active-Airflow Crib Mattress helps save babies from SIDS.

The Active-Airflow Crib Mattress helps save babies from SIDS. Photo: © Rob - Fotolia

He invented a crib mattress that allowed fresh air to flow up through the surface to the baby, providing a constant, gentle supply of fresh air. While the idea was good, there were problems that he hadn’t yet solved. The mattress was heavy and hard for a parent to lift without help. And it was difficult to clean. He sold a few mattresses to parents who were eager to prevent a SIDS tragedy from happening to their child. But sales were not brisk, and Bill was not satisfied with his invention.

So, Bill contacted Steve Kunert, a brilliant mechanical engineer, whose specialty is solving problems and refining inventions to get them ready for the market. Steve worked with Bill to improve his invention. The result is the HALO Innovations Active-Airflow Crib Mattress.

A small fan provides gentle, filtered air up through a woven, trampoline-like mattress, stretched taut and covered with a tightly fitted mattress pad. This keeps fresh, HEPA-filtered air circulating around the infant, preventing the build up of carbon dioxide around the baby’s face. The mattress is lightweight and lifts off the base for easy cleaning inside and out. The bed conforms to all safety regulations and exceeds the fire regulations for cribs. As an added benefit, the soft hum of the fan motor provides the baby with white noise that helps lull it to sleep.

The HALO Innovations Active-Airflow Crib Mattress

The HALO Innovations Active-Airflow Crib Mattress. Photo Courtesy: HALO Innovations

In a future post, writer Katie Roche will blog about the Active-Airflow Crib Mattress, to review it from a first-hand, parent’s perspective. But I am writing to tell you about it today for two reasons. The first, and most important, is to share this life-saving invention with parents and grandparents who have babies in their families. The second is a more personal one. Joe and I have been working with Steve Kunert on a contest entry at Intuit, to share useful ideas with small businesses. We’re collaborating with Steve in hopes that he wins, of course, but, most importantly, our goal is to spread the word about this wonderful invention that can prevent infant mortality and give parents peace of mind.

If you’d like to see the contest video — and consider voting for Steve’s entry (which has two silent “extras” you may recognize: Joe and me), please go to Halo for Haley on the Intuit site. You’ll have to register in order to vote. And you can vote in multiple categories (Inspiring and Useful), if you wish. Since 40% of the weighting depends on votes, your votes will definitely help.

As to the prize money — first prize is $25,000  — if Steve’s video wins, he will use the funds to help independent inventors launch new products. Joe and I are part of his support team.

The voting closes on May 31, so please view the video and vote, if you wish, while you’re thinking about it. Thank you.

NOTE from the HALO website: “A percentage of all HALO profits are donated to First Candle/SIDS Alliance to fund ongoing SIDS research, education and family support.”

Julia Wasson

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