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Want to know more about Blue Planet Green Living? Here are some important policies you might want to read. They include:

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Product Reviews

We post the Fine Print on each review (after December 1, 2009). This information will tell you whether we received a free sample, free service, or incentive connected with a product (or book, film, etc.) review.

Our policy is to give our honest opinions, the good and the bad. Even if we receive a free product or sample, that will not persuade us to write a good review. What we do not do is to smear or defame a product. If we do not like an item or service substantially more than we dislike it, we will not publish a review. So, yes, you’ll only see positive reviews, because we don’t publish negative ones.

If we purchase the item being reviewed with our own hard-earned cash, we’ll tell you that, too.

Affiliate Programs

We are affiliate marketers for Amazon and Commission Junction, and may add other affiliate groups in the future. This means we post ads on our site with links to other companies. If you purchase a book, a product, or a service by clicking on one of these ads on our site, we will receive a small (believe me, it’s very small) compensation for your purchase. In some cases, if you fill out an advertiser’s form, we may also receive a small compensation. Please do not click on ads that you aren’t truly interested in.

We also participate in Google AdSense. If you click on a Google link that appears on our site, we get another tiny bit of money from the advertisers. Please realize that the advertisers, like all of us, are trying to make an honest living. Please click on their links only if you are truly interested in seeing what they have to offer. It’s only fair. But if you’re interested, by all means, check them out! That’s why they advertise on the web, so they can get customers like you to find out what they’re selling.


If you have questions — or criticisms, suggestions, you name it — please contact me directly:

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