Why Being Green Can Save You Money

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Changing to an eco-friendly lifestyle can save you money in both large and small ways. Photo: shutterstock_128245937 via Wiki Commons

Changing to an eco-friendly lifestyle can save you money in both large and small ways. Photo: shutterstock_128245937 via Wiki Commons

We all know that driving an economical car can save money both in tax and petrol, but what can you do in your home to keep carbon dioxide from the air and money in your wallet?

Thankfully, there are many incentives in Britain to keep your home green and your wallet healthy.

The Green Deal

One such government scheme is the Green Deal, which helps homeowners and business managers afford energy-saving improvements for their house or business.

Homeowners can buy various energy-saving improvements for their homes, including:

  • Insulation, such as loft and cavity insulation
  • Heating measures
  • Draught-proofing
  • Double glazing
  • Renewable energy technologies

The great thing about the Green Deal is the fact that it does not work like a loan, as you do not have to pay anything up front. And the debt stays with the house, not with the person.

This means of course, that if you move home, you no longer have to pay the debt back; that moves on to the new owners.

To apply, all you need to get is an assessment from a Green Deal assessor, choose which provider you want to carry out the work for you, and sign the contract.

The payments will then be taken out of your electricity bill. The great thing is, however, if the assessor finds that the deal will end with you paying more money,  you will not be able to take it out.

This means that, if approved, the deal will always be beneficial to you.

Economical Household Products

LED Lights

One such product that can help you save money is an LED lighting setup.

LED lights are beneficial in many ways. Not only can they live for up to 50,000 hours (compared to 2,000 hours of a fluorescent bulb), but an LED light only uses 20% of its energy for heat.

As incandescent bulbs use 90% of their energy for heat, and fluorescent bulbs 80%, LEDs are far more efficient. This means they save you a tonne of cash in the long run.

Check out this calculator to see how much you can save with LED lighting.

Letterbox Flaps

Various draught-proofing devices can help you save money by stopping draughts running through your home. By being able to stop draughts, your heating will run more efficiently, meaning that you’ll save money as the house warms up quicker.

It has been estimated that 27% of heat in a hallway can be lost through a letter box. Letterbox flaps are great for excluding draughts in your doorway and will work as soon as they are installed.

ECO Kettles

People in the UK just love our tea. In fact, the country on a whole drinks around 70 million cups a day; so it’s important to save money here too.

Although it may sound silly to buy an ECO kettle, if the whole country bought one, we would save 60% of the energy used (1,270,000,000 KWh) to make the nation a cup of tea every year.

With just 200,000 eco kettles sold so far, the ECO kettle has saved around 1,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the air.

Small changes, added together, make a big difference.

Hannah Trafford

Guest Writer

Blue Planet Green Living (Home Page)

Hannah Trafford writes for the British firm LED Lighting Depot, a new online trader of LED lighting that provides some of the largest brands on the market along with its own unique brand, Lumaera.



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