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The Saola Tahoe laptop cover from GreenSmart will cushion your laptop with a stylish and eco-friendly fabric.

The Saola Tahoe laptop sleeve from GreenSmart will cushion your laptop with a stylish and eco-friendly fabric.

Like you (I’m making an assumption here, but it’s a fair one since you’re reading this website), I hate the idea of billions of single-use plastic water and soda bottles going to waste, littering our waterways and landscape. It’s about time someone figured out a way to put those discarded bottles to good use. GreenSmart has done just that with a rugged and cool-looking laptop sleeve.

I was intrigued, though frankly a bit skeptical, when I received an offer of a laptop sleeve made from recycled water bottles. But I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived — and I remain delighted. I’ve been using my GreenSmart laptop sleeve daily since July, and it’s been amazingly durable.

When I say durable, I mean it’s withstood several plane trips and lengthy road trips, and traveled back and forth to the office each day in an overloaded computer bag for more than six months. Frankly, I’m hard on both my laptop and my computer bag. It’s not that I’m careless, just that I tend to carry way too much on every trip — including my daily commute.

One thing that makes this sleeve stand out is that it has texture on the outside and a soft, cushioned interior. A pattern of bumps spread across the exterior fabric makes the sleeve easy to grab. (There’s probably a designer’s term that sounds far more elegant than bumps, but they are bumps, so there you have it.) This has been a lifesaver on occasion when I’ve almost dropped my laptop. The bumps give the thing traction and make it easy to hold onto. Not so with the laptop sleeve I purchased before I got this one; that one is smooth and slippery — not the best combination for a person like me who’s always rushing from one place to the next.

The workmanship on this GreenSmart product is superior, and that opinion is coming from a finicky seamstress. I love to sew, and I know when someone’s given an article serious attention or when they’ve been slipshod in putting in a zipper or turning a seam. This is quality.

The sleeve I have is designed to fit snugly on my 15-inch MacBook Pro. I’ve never had an issue with the zipper, which works perfectly every time. Best of all, the zipper goes all the way down on one side, giving full access to the laptop from one end, if you carry it in a backpack or just prefer side access. I also think the color is cool, but if you’re not as fond of blue as I am, you can choose other colors and even other designs.

Here are more facts about GreenSmart, courtesy of their press contact:

GreenSmart’s products are designed to be green from concept, through materials development, to execution. The company’s variety of bags are made from toxin-free Neogreene material, as well as 100% recycled plastic bottles.  In fact, they even include the number of plastic bottles used on each bag! Another fun fact is the company names many of its products after endangered animals, and in their support, GreenSmart donates 10% of its profits to non-profit organizations helping to create a greensmart planet.

If you’re looking for a great gift for anyone who carries a laptop, a tablet, a backpack, or a messenger bag, I highly recommend GreenSmart. Or, buy something for yourself — you’ll have a rugged, durable case; look cool carrying it; and feel good about saving the world from all those discarded bottles.

To learn more about these inventive green products, go to the GreenSmart website. There’s a whole lot more to GreenSmart than just one laptop sleeve. And from what I hear via the company founder, Tom Larsen, be on the watch for even more “new products coming out in the form of shoulder bags, messenger bags and other cool bags targeted at younger buyers (college) as well as a couple of new styles of laptop sleeves and covers.” Cool is getting even cooler.

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