5 Things to Consider When Picking a Spot for Your Urban Garden

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People who live in an apartment or townhouse don’t usually have the luxury of available green space to start a garden. And those who rent houses and have the green space may not be able to use it to grow fruit and vegetables, since the land doesn’t belong to them. Yet, those in tight living spaces can still get involved with urban gardening by using the space they do have to grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

Growing a garden not only saves money in the long-term, but it also creates a sustainable lifestyle by reducing the waste and carbon emissions that come from transporting these goods all across the world — and from making trips to the store and back to buy them. Plus it’s a commonly known fact among gardeners that if you grow something, it tastes better! …

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Water Crisis in the United States

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The southwestern portion of the United States has historically been a dry area, but the problem has become much worse in recent years. About 30 million people in the Southwest rely on the Colorado River for their water, and the river’s level has been declining steadily.

Population growth, weather changes and modern agricultural habits are putting a strain on the U.S. water supply. Educating people about the causes and effects of the water crisis is the first step toward making large-scale changes in how people think about water use….

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Earthquakes, Tornados, Floods, Fire and Hurricanes: When Natural Disasters Hit Home

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Some of the largest cities in the world have been built in areas that sooner or later get hit by natural disasters of incredible magnitude. In the U.S., for example, Los Angeles, along with much of the rest of California, sits astride a massive fault line. Several eastern U.S. sea port cities are in prime hurricane country, and a fair portion of the Midwest is plagued by tornadoes.

But as dangerous as these areas can be, people still call them home despite the high cost of destruction. Below are a few examples of past natural disasters and their related costs….

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Diversely Sustainable Cities II: Philadelphia and Medellin

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In the second story of the Sustainable Cities sequence, we’ll look at two other diversely sustainable cities that may surprise you: Medellin, Colombia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Medellin, Colombia

Medellin has been long known as a city of turmoil — both immersed in filth and historically recognized as the most violent city in the world. Medellin’s most recent mayor, Alonso Salazar, however, has opted to shift Medellin in an entirely new direction.

Following the implementation of several new public transportation initiatives, the city has seen immense changes. Under Salazar, Medellin now boasts of a public bicycle system, ride-sharing programs, and a savvy 1,300-ft. escalator that links Medellin’s formerly poorest neighborhood, Comuna 13, to the city center….

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Ashley Halligan, Contributing Writer

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Ashley Halligan is an analyst at an Austin-based consulting company. Particularly focused on the facility management sector, Ashley often reports on sustainability-related issues pertaining to commercial industries.
Ashley is from small-town Ohio (Marietta) and is a 2007 graduate of Marietta College with a degree in journalism. Since then, she’s freelanced for several publications and websites, specializing in travel stories and features—and edited for travel sites and an Austin-based magazine….

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