Felicity Tepper, Contributing Writer

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Felicity Tepper, Contributing Writer

Felicity Tepper is an author, eco-advocate and social network connector. A former government lawyer, Felicity has a background in environmental and human rights law and policy in several countries.

As a mom concerned about ensuring we have the tools needed to shape a sustainable future, Felicity is passionate about using her writing and advocacy skills to help build eco-knowledge and share it with as wide an audience as possible.

A devotee of the great outdoors, Felicity loves hiking, camping with kids, and scaling the odd volcano.

Felicity is the adult community coordinator on MiniMonos. She writes regular blog posts for the MiniMonos adult community blog and loves spreading the word about what we can do to live more sustainably, ethically, and consciously.

Felicity Tepper

Contributing Writer

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  2. Don Tepper on July 2nd, 2010 9:00 pm

    Our relationship with Gaia is a complicated and often misunderstood one. For example is humanity creating global warming or is global warming just part of a regular cycle over a 50, 100, 250 thousand year cycle and a precursor to a mini ice age? All relationships are complicated and often misunderstood. By working at all relationships and communicating between the parties concerned there is nothing that cannot be worked out.