Design Student Creates Jewelry to Aid Gulf Wildlife

Wildlife afficianado, Nadilyn Beáto, modeling one of her sea turtle necklaces. Photo: Courtesy Nadilyn Beáto

Like nearly everyone who sees the damage its caused, Nadilyn Beáto is upset about the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. But she isn’t just complaining, she’s doing something about it. A junior at Parsons – The New School for Design in Brooklyn, New York, Beáto has recently begun designing, making, and selling fashion jewelry to benefit the wildlife affected by the vast oil leak.

This reddish egret is for sale to benefit Gulf Coast wildlife affected by the oil disaster. Photo: Courtesy Nadilyn Beáto

Beáto’s jewelry depicts some of the animals that she wants to save: sea turtles, orcas, dolphins, American oyster catchers, black skimmers, and more.

She uses Super Sculpey to create her jewelry pieces, then paints them with nontoxic paints. Her creations include necklaces, charm bracelets, and earrings. Each individual piece of jewelry takes her about an hour and a half to make.

The turtles sell for $15 in Beáto’s Etsy store, with $10 donated to the Gulf Coast Response team at the Environmental Defense Fund. Her goal is to create and sell 150 pieces of jewelry, raising $1,500 for the rescue and rehabilitation of the wildlife in the Gulf.

“After seeing a story about a sea turtle, the first animal that was rescued, I started by making a couple of sea turtle necklaces to see if I could sell them to raise some money. People started asking for more, and I started making additional designs,” she told Blue Planet Green Living.

Beáto makes a variety of jewelry for the fundraiser. This bracelet includes an orca, a dolphin, a shark, and a sea turtle. Photo: Courtesy Nadilyn Beáto

“Soon people began requesting earrings and magnets… So I’ve been making a variety of items,” she says. “The turtles are $15. The birds are $20, because it takes longer to make them. I also make bracelets, which cost $20 because they require more materials.”

Beáto has selected the Environmental Defense Fund Emergency Response as the recipient of her donations. At the time of this writing, she has made 101 sea turtles, 5 dolphins, 2 sharks, 4 crabs, and 2 whales. This is her first time to raise funds by creating jewelry.

The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico inspired Beáto’s project, but her interest in the environment predates the event by many years. On her Facebook profile, Beáto describes herself as “Artist, Environmentalist, and Wildlife Conservation Advocate,” then adds, “I love animals :}”

She posted the following as one of her favorite quotes. It’s an apt description of the motivation that drives this young activist:

The quarter shows the relative size of the sea turtle necklaces. Photo: Courtesy Nadilyn Beáto

“Someday the earth will weep, she will beg for her life, she will cry with tears of blood. You will make a choice, if you will help her or let her die, and when she dies, you will die too.”  ~ John Hollow Horn

Earth is weeping now, with red tears streaming from the seabed. Nadilyn has made her choice to help. Please consider purchasing one of her beautiful jewelry pieces to help rescue and rehabilitate wildlife covered with oil from Earth’s gushing wound.

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