My 5: Duane Hallowell, President & CEO, Hallowell International

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Duane Hallowell, President and CEO of Hallowell International, makers of the Acadia. Photo: Courtesy Duane Hallowell

Blue Planet Green Living (BPGL) asked Duane Hallowell, President/CEO and co-founder of Hallowell International, the makers of Acadia, two questions we ask all our interviewees. Following are his responses. — Julia Wasson, Publisher

5 Ways to Save the Planet

BPGL: What are the five most important things we can do to save the planet?

HALLOWELL: I focus on northern climates, so my responses are climate specific.

Mandate Weatherization. It’s a huge problem, and we need better programs in place to help guide people to making the right decisions — even going so far as to make laws to mandate how people are doing it. That is absolutely number one.

Upgrade Highway Infrastructure. We need upgrades to our roads and transportation systems. Let’s get rid of the gridlock.

Improve Power Infrastructure. We need to install smart metering and power infrastructure upgrades.

Replace Fossil fuels. We need to dramatically reduce the use of fossil fuels. To me, using fossil fuels is cavemen mentality. Innovations are evolving. And with electric energy, there are now so many choices.

Embrace Innovation. Everyone needs to support innovation. They should want — and demand — that we get better at innovating, that we bring out new products, and that we do things better.

2 Minutes with the President

BPGL: If you had two minutes with President Obama, what would you say to him?

HALLOWELL: The very first thing I’d bring up to him is greater support for small business and innovative companies. As a small business, you wouldn’t believe the obstacles that I needed to go through [to get my product approved for the Energy Star program and tax rebates]. I waited two years for a federal standard, with no way to super-cycle the process, even when pulling in my entire delegation.

A small company can die in that time frame, if they’re not careful and not capitalized. I am very happy I’m not an engineer working out of my garage, having just invented a free-energy device, because I would have died in the process. That would be the first thing that I’d bring up to him.

And I’d be talking to him about the need for additional training and infrastructure to support emerging technology and innovation.

Duane Hallowell

President/CEO and Co-Founder

Hallowell International

Blue Planet Green Living (Home Page)

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5 Responses to “My 5: Duane Hallowell, President & CEO, Hallowell International”

  1. Andrea and Paul Dobner on January 7th, 2011 8:44 pm

    we tried to be green when we had to purchase a new heating system for our home.
    The Acadia heat pump made by Hallowell was our choice.
    Now we are out 8000$. The pump malfunctioned multiple times and even started a fire once. it is still under warranty but Hallowell is now incumminicado and doesn’t return letters, emails or phone calls.

  2. Don McBee on March 2nd, 2011 4:39 pm

    Andrea and Paul, The same has happened to me! I purchased my Acadia Heat Pump 3 years ago. I have had nothing but trouble, 2 months into my new home the entire system shut down needed all new sensors. ( They did replace that)
    It keeps freezing up, so I have to hook the hot water tank up to it to defrost it! I called the company who installed it, they came out and adjusted the defrost sensor and charged me 212 dollars which I have to pay! Also it keeps malfunctioning and now I have a 1100 dollar electric bill to pay!!!! I am to the point of contacting a attorney or my state attorney general! Your out 8000 dollars I am out 15000 dollars! I should have been less green and put in an outside wood boiler!

  3. Kelly Kurzawa on April 27th, 2011 5:47 pm

    Dear Sir,
    I know how you feel. My house burned down 3 years ago and we rebuilt and used Acadia for our heating and airconditioning needs. It cost 16,000. I have 2 units in a basically 2 family house. One was replaced for 1200 in the winter of 09-10 and now the other went out (that stupid “call for service” light) and no airconditioning now. They told me that I may be “shit out of luck.” They won’t even answer my phone calls. My husband died November of ’09 and I thought they may have been taking advantage but I see that is not the case. This other unit has been serviced at least 10 times since September and still has the call for service light on with no airconditioning. I even consulted with an attorney and he claims that I may get them on my warranty but…… Now I have to call someone to fix my airconditioner $$$. I am fuming. Got any suggestions?
    908-577-1718 feel free to call me.

  4. GIAN on April 4th, 2011 2:38 pm

    I also tried to be green and got fooled by Hallowell Int. My unit blew off one compressor this past weekend and of course the unit died. Now, the company that installed the unit 3 years ago says that the factory may have gone out of business and the only way of getting parts is waiting for Halloweel to respond back. They at once recommended me to change to another Heat Pump unit. I put down $14K for this “green fraud” and I will need to invest around $6K more to replace this piece of s…. Acadia system. I would sign a class action lawsuit. Please let me know if somebody knows about any class action lawsuit. My email is:


  5. David hayes on May 10th, 2011 6:53 am

    I have 2 dead Acadia 3 ton units in my yard and got to end my winter burning wood to keep warm.Duane Hallowell and all employees Knew these units would fail and sold them anyway.That constitutes FRAUD.They should all be brought up on charges of FRAUD and pay back the money they stole from hard working people.Please include me in any actions against any of these people who stloe under the name of Hallowell International.Thanks