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Belinda's daughter, Chelsea, models the Green Girl Eco Tote. Very cool! Photo: Belinda Geiger

When Green Girl contacted us to try out a high-end, fashionable bag, we immediately knew who should review it. Our own California fashionista, Belinda Geiger. Well, okay, she doesn’t consider herself a  fashionista, but she does know quality bags. Here’s her take on the Green Girl bag.  — Publisher

While I was waiting for my sample Green Girl Eco Tote to arrive, I went to the company website to check it out. There were so many beautiful bags, with exotic colors and interesting black-and-white designs, I wanted to buy them all. But let’s face it: at $120 each, they weren’t going to make it to my MUST HAVE list, even for an organic bag.

Green Girl’s website makes the Eco Totes sound quite appealing:

Combining the best of fashion and function, Green Girl organic totes stylishly simplify the shopping experience while respecting the purity of the Earth.… For the first time, Green Girl unites environmental practicality with high-end fashion sense. As the world moves toward a more sustainable future, Green Girl organic totes are fast becoming the “it” accessory for fashion savvy, eco-aware women across the nation.

I’m all for helping the environment, and it’s even better when I can look good doing it. So, I was eager to try one out for myself.

The bag I received is white with a striking black design. It looks great, and I was proud to hang it over my shoulder wherever I went for a several weeks. The bag is 100% organic cotton and made in the USA. (Let’s hear a shout out for locally made products.)

At 17″ wide by 16″ tall, it’s roomy enough to bring a towel to the beach, carry your lunch, pack a few groceries, or tote some library books. It has that long “over-the-opposite shoulder” look (a 21″ drop on the strap), but works well either way. And the fabric softness is amazing! I don’t know quite how to describe it except that it feels like a bag that costs $120.

The Green Girl Eco Tote has both a cell phone pocket and a larger, zippered pocket. Photo: Belinda Geiger

The Green Girl Eco Tote has both a cell phone pocket and a larger, zippered pocket. Photo: Belinda Geiger

I’ll be sorry to send the bag back (it was on loan for the review), as it’s been both handy and stylish to carry. I have a rather large collection of cloth bags, mostly canvas, but this one was special because it was useful and pretty at the same time. I took it everywhere and got countless “Where did you get that?” queries from admirers.

The Eco Tote practically repelled dirt (and dog hair — Wow!). I had it for two weeks before I decided to wash it (just because). Washing was interesting. I washed it in cool water with similar items, then dried it on medium heat. It came out a little puckered, just like the canvas bags do.

The next time I washed it, I used liquid fabric softener. It looked fabulous. No ironing needed. Nice and soft and smooth. No puckered zippers or pockets (did I mention it has a good sized zipper pocket and a cell phone pocket?). If I were going to use it regularly as a purse or a carry-on bag, I probably would have it dry cleaned, though Green Girl says it’s machine washable.

The Green Girl Eco Tote is stylish, good looking, and useful. I don’t find that combination often. I consider myself a cl0th bag connoisseur and virtually always bring them shopping so as not to use plastic or paper. This bag is a real pleasure. I can use it in the grocery store, throw it in the back of my car with the others after unloading, and it still looks great the next time I use it.

With three kids in college, I won’t be splurging on an Eco Tote anytime soon. But if your budget allows, you might just want to pamper yourself — and be kind to the planet at the same time.

Belinda Geiger

Contributing Writer

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