My 5, Lauren Sullivan, Reverb Co-Founder

In Friday’s post, Blue Planet Green Living (BPGL) talked with Reverb co-founder, Lauren Sullivan, about the Reverb’s work greening rock bands and connecting concert-goers with local nonprofits. Today, we asked her to answer two questions we like to ask our interviewees. Following are our questions and her responses.

5 Ways to Save the Planet

Lauren Sullivan with her husband, Adam Gardner, and their daughter, Sloan. Photo: Courtesy Lauren Sullivan

BPGL: What are the five most important things we can do to save the planet?


Get Local: Eat locally (join a CSA), walk/carpool to work, support local art and activism.

Get Simple: Think about what you really need to buy and about what kind of items you can instead re-use, trade, or lend/borrow. Think about the lifecycle and recycle-ability of what you’re purchasing.

Get Outside: Connect with the natural world and encourage others to do so. It can help refresh your commitment to the environment and can remind you why you’re working on behalf of the Earth.

Get Clean: Purge your home of toxic chemicals. Where possible, try to buy or make your own eco-friendly cleaners.  Use healthy body products.

Get Together: Connect with friends and neighbors. Talk about how we can work together to support the natural world, lead by example, volunteer together for a campaign, community garden, or get together for a meal.  Everything is better and more fun with a supportive community.

2 Minutes with the President

BPGL: If you had two minutes with President Obama, what would you say to him?

SULLIVAN: I would urge/beg/plead for the president to get out in front on climate change legislation in a very public way right now and work tirelessly to find a way to go to Copenhagen in December with some substantive commitments from the United States.

I know that the political realm is not my wheelhouse by any stretch, but I did read a comment from Andrew Revkin of the NY TImes that spoke to me.  It read, “As Dave Roberts of Grist said to me earlier this week, it might be hard for people outside the United States (or inside, for that matter) to grasp how a president could have the authority to take a country to war but not to commit it to curbing emissions of carbon dioxide. But that is the nature of a “boisterous democracy,” to use a description applied to both the United States and India by Jairam Ramesh, India’s environment minister.”

That sentiment of confusion and frustration resonates with me, and I could only ask that the Obama administration find a way out of that conundrum and assume the leadership position on climate change that we’re all hoping for and need so urgently.

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