Matthew J. Goudge, Executive Chef, Contributing Writer

Matthew J. Goudge is an Australian citizen who possesses a wealth of knowledge in the culinary field. He has worked in St Lucia, Malaysia, China, Australia, Austria, and England in various capacities. His career began in February of 1987 at the Tura Beach Country Club in New South Wales, Australia.

Matthew J. Goudge, Executive Chef and BPGL Contributing Writer

Matthew J. Goudge, Executive Chef and BPGL Contributing Writer

Autumn of 1992 saw Matthew leave his homeland to pursue his career in London. He worked in a number of establishments over the following two and a half years, cooking a wide range of cuisines, including French, British, Italian and Mediterranean.

Some short trips across the Channel to Europe enabled Matthew to study numerous menus and discover the various cooking techniques and flavors used in the European restaurants. He took his newly learnt knowledge and skills back to Australian soils and applied them during his duties in some of Melbourne and Sydney’s finest hotels and restaurants.

Matthew first arrived in China in July 2001, where he worked at State Guest Hotels- Presidential Plaza in Beijing. Over the years, Matthew has worked in numerous style properties ranging from stadiums, hotels, clubs and resorts. Most recently, Matthew was aligned with the Old Chengdu Club in China’s Sichuan Province. Currently, he is employed in the capacity of Executive Chef at the Mission Hills Golf Club in China’s Guangdong Province.

Matthew J. Goudge, Executive Chef
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